a list of reminders

Happily Every After button from our anniversary date at the happiest place on Earth

Yesterday marked ten years with my love, and even though we have a new anniversary to celebrate, I feel like we’ve hit a huge milestone. We’ve now spent a decade as each other’s partner and confidante, growing up and growing older together for more than a third of our lives. Whoa.

As cliche as it sounds, it hasn’t always been easy but being together has always felt right and I’m reminded of this every day. Here’s a list of times when I know for sure.

  • When he brings home [mochi ice cream, Koala Yummies, White Castle Burgers, insert whatever food I’m currently craving here] without me asking
  • When he writes an apology post-it note for a stupid fight we had
  • When he steps back to let me go ahead of him in line for communion at church (it’s something my dad always does for my mom and when I realized early in our relationship that Tom did it too, it was one of those moments where I could see myself marrying him)
  • When he fills my car with gas because he knows I hate doing it myself
  • When I see him playing with our nieces even though he claims he doesn’t like kids
  • When I randomly start singing “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and he jumps in with the drum noises
  • When he saves me the end of the ice cream cone because he knows it’s my favorite part
  • When we see something funny or weird, look at each other, and both burst out laughing because we know we’re both saying the same thing
  • When I have a bad day and he pets my head the same way he used to pet his dogs’ heads
  • Every single time he makes me laugh
  • When he remembers something obscure I said or did a long time ago that I barely even remember

I’m forever grateful for this type love. (oldie, but always a goodie)