Fall List


Photo from our awesome engagement session last fall with David Lai Photography

Fall is here! Fall is here!

Ok, enough false excitement. To be perfectly honest, I am not a fan of fall. I can’t stand cold weather, sweaters aren’t always comfy, and not everything is meant to be pumpkin-flavored. This list from PureWow actually sums up my feelings for fall pretty accurately and gave me a good laugh. BUT, in an effort to fall in love with this season, I’ve decided to put together my first ever fall list. So here we go! Disclaimer: no PSL will be involved in any way.

  1. Go apple picking
  2. Bake a pie
  3. Buy fall wardrobe staples
  4. Decorate for Halloween
  5. Eat outside one last time
  6. Take in the fall scenery
  7. Drink apple cider
  8. Actually celebrate Halloween
  9. Make a crock pot recipe every other week
  10. Do something zombie related
  11. Convince my husband to watch a scary movie
  12. Play football
  13. Write down something I’m thankful for every day
  14. Buy a pumpkin
  15. Volunteer

Okay, fall. Let’s be friends.

Spring List

Each year, I write a 100+ item list of things I want to accomplish during the summer. It’s kinda become my thing now and it’s something I look forward to during every other season. But maybe once a year isn’t enough. Maybe it’s about time I stop favoring summer and give spring, fall, and winter a chance. Alright, let’s do it!

And since today is the first official day of spring, here its: my first ever spring list. It’s not as extensive as my summer list, but it does give me a few things to look forward to for the next couple of months. Happy Spring!

* For the purposes of this list, spring starts today (March 20 – the first official day of spring!) and ends on Memorial Day weekend (May 22 — because that’s when my summer list starts)

  1. Really (like really) spring clean — purge and organize and everything I love
  2. Make Easter desserts
  3. Plant a tree or plant or anything
  4. Throw a barbecue
  5. Go to the Morton Arboretum
  6. Take a quick weekend trip
  7. Volunteer
  8. Make DIY Mother’s Day gifts for all the mamas in my life
  9. Host a game night
  10. Eat outside