happy new year

Okay, I’m a little late. At least it’s still January.

Since I am on a constant journey to find myself and become the best version of me (aren’t we all?), I’m all about goals. Naturally, I made some for this year. Here are some of mine:

  1. Always be: creating, reading, learning. Ask me at any time what I am currently creating/reading/learning and I should have an answer for you. It’s not really a resolution, but more of a forever goal.
  2. Find something I really love to do. Looking for that one thing that’s worth waking up early and staying up late for.
  3. Challenge myself every day. I started a list of challenges for the year with the intent of randomly choosing one each day. I don’t think I have enough to make it 365 days, but I like the thought of giving myself something to focus on each day that is different from my regular routine.
  4. Answer texts/calls/emails right away. It’s a work in progress, but I’ll get there. The hard part for me is that I let things sit until I come up with the perfect response. Slowly starting to learn that there never is a perfect response.
  5. Send more gifts and letters. I love snail mail. I love giving gifts. So many people I love are so very far away. This is a no-brainer.

I’ll admit, 2017 is off to a rocky start, but my resolutions still give me hope. There is always so much to look forward to.

Happy New Year!


2016 is here! Woo-hoo!

I (like many other people in the world) am awful at New Year’s resolutions, which is funny because I love lists and I love improving myself and my life. Maybe it’s because I write goals so often and make lists regularly — new year’s resolutions just start to feel like this “big deal” version of things I already do pretty consistently. And then I end up building them up so much that it only leads to disaster.

So here is my anti-resolution list: things I do regularly or have been meaning to do. It’s basically a compilation of all the goals I’ve set or started or planned to start throughout the year. Let’s not call them resolutions, though.

  1. Meditate daily
  2. Exercise at least three times a week (which is three times more than I currently do)
  3. Keep a work log
  4. Learn Italian
  5. Take a class for fun
  6. Pray often
  7. Consistently write in my five minute journal
  8. Say thank you every day
  9. Cook a slow cooker meal at least once per month
  10. Learn a new recipe every other week
  11. Always be reading a book
  12. Simplify the amount of stuff I have and buy
  13. Don’t complain
  14. Speak up
  15. Read every day
  16. Blog regularly
  17. Say I love you often
  18. Play ukulele every week
  19. Listen to podcasts daily
  20. Never leave dishes in the sink overnight
  21. Text my parents every day
  22. Say yes to family
  23. Keep in touch
  24. Volunteer
  25. Don’t be afraid of adventure


Favorite Finds

Happy new year! It’s been a crazy week, to say the least. I’m not quite sure I’m ready for the first Monday of 2016, but like it or not, it’s coming. Here are a few links I liked around the web this past week:

  • 6 Unexpected Ways to Recharge for 2016
    Love this list of practical, manageable things to try this year. Can’t wait to color my stress away with the two coloring books I received for Christmas!
  • Your NEW New Year’s Resolution
    Since I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, I am definitely on board with the idea of New Year’s agreements. They seem more attainable and take away the “big deal” factor of resolutions.
  • 23 Things To Do To Improve Your Mental Health In 2016
    I think it’s pretty obvious that BuzzFeed is almost always on point, and this list is no exception. I personally am hoping to focus more on my mental health in 2016, and hope others realize the importance of it as well.
  • “30 Things I’m Happy I Tried and Learned Before 30″
    I still have a few years to go before I reach this milestone birthday, but I loved reading this list by Amanda Slavin. There’s some that I’ve done and some that I have yet to experience, but all were so insightful for me at this point in my life. It’s always nice to read something that makes you remember you are never alone.
  • 19 Totally Manageable Goals to Set for 2016
    This list is another breath of fresh air among all the intimidating goal-setting lists floating around this time of year. Because really, these are totally manageable.


December Goals

Day 1 of our Trader Joe’s Advent calendar! Mmm chocolate bear

Whoa, I can’t believe December is already here! Which means Advent is here, which means Christmas is almost here! I know this does not make me unique, but this is most definitely my favorite time of year. Time for 24/7 Christmas music, hot cocoa every day, and Elf and Love Actually on repeat. Perrrrfecctionn.

Since it is the first of the month, it’s time for me to set some goals. I set goals often — yearly, monthly, daily…hourly if I’m feeling ambitious — and it really helps me to see what’s important and find purpose in everything I do. I have always generally set three main goals at a time, and I recently learned that the Rule of Three is an actual productivity tool! I was being productive all this time, and didn’t even know it 🙂 Anyways, more to come on that in a future post but here are my three goals for this month:

1. Finish wedding thank you cards
It’s been a long time coming. Is there such thing as saying thanks too late? As long as I get these out in the same calendar year we got married, I think it should be okay…right?

2. Focus on giving
Tis the season for giving. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the chaos of the holidays, but I want to make a point to really take time to recognize acts of giving and to give in everything I do. Less me, more everyone and everything else.

3. Start a new tradition
I love traditions. No, actually, I LOVE traditions. My husband and I already have a few (probably more than he thought we ever would), but since this is our first holiday season as a married couple, I think it’s the perfect time to add one more to the pile. Time to brainstorm!