December Goals

Day 1 of our Trader Joe’s Advent calendar! Mmm chocolate bear

Whoa, I can’t believe December is already here! Which means Advent is here, which means Christmas is almost here! I know this does not make me unique, but this is most definitely my favorite time of year. Time for 24/7 Christmas music, hot cocoa every day, and Elf and Love Actually on repeat. Perrrrfecctionn.

Since it is the first of the month, it’s time for me to set some goals. I set goals often — yearly, monthly, daily…hourly if I’m feeling ambitious — and it really helps me to see what’s important and find purpose in everything I do. I have always generally set three main goals at a time, and I recently learned that the Rule of Three is an actual productivity tool! I was being productive all this time, and didn’t even know it 🙂 Anyways, more to come on that in a future post but here are my three goals for this month:

1. Finish wedding thank you cards
It’s been a long time coming. Is there such thing as saying thanks too late? As long as I get these out in the same calendar year we got married, I think it should be okay…right?

2. Focus on giving
Tis the season for giving. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the chaos of the holidays, but I want to make a point to really take time to recognize acts of giving and to give in everything I do. Less me, more everyone and everything else.

3. Start a new tradition
I love traditions. No, actually, I LOVE traditions. My husband and I already have a few (probably more than he thought we ever would), but since this is our first holiday season as a married couple, I think it’s the perfect time to add one more to the pile. Time to brainstorm!