View from my hike: Muir Woods


This post is written with the following caveat: pictures could not possibly do this place justice.

You hear about the redwoods and look at pictures, but it is nothing compared to being there, standing among them.

And feeling so very, very tiny.

We woke up early on a Saturday, drove over the roller coaster-esque hills that make up the city of San Francisco, and continued across the surprisingly visible Golden Gate Bridge. National Parks were celebrating 100 years (woo-hoo!), so the park was free and of course, we weren’t the only ones who got the memo. After parking a million miles away, we made our way into Muir Woods.


The path is a boardwalk and feels more like you’re walking through an outdoor museum, with signs commanding you to stay in between the fenced off areas. And just like a museum, I felt like everything on the other side, the things I was told not to touch, were priceless and historic and beautiful.


We stayed on the path then strayed off into Mt. Tamalpais Park to feel some dirt beneath our feet. And then we went back to stand under the canopy of redwoods. Even with people everywhere, there was something incredible when you looked up and suddenly felt very, very tiny.