deep breaths

And the highlight reels just keep on coming.

When you’re in a rut, it’s hard impossible not to compare your life to everyone else’s, and unfortunately at those times, the internet make it so very easy to. Social media is tricky like that, isn’t it? When I’m happy, I love to read about all of my long lost friends’ promotions/ engagements/ baby announcements/ [insert other exciting life milestone here]. When I’m feeling not-so-great about my life though, well, that’s a different story. I’m still happy for them, but the joy quickly becomes overshadowed by questions in the tune of “what have I done with my life lately?”

And so, here’s a list of things I am grateful for. Because this is what matters and will always matter.

  1. My husband, who is endlessly supportive and eternally optimistic.
  2. My family, who will never change and is always there, no matter how far away I am.

This is a short list because those are really the only reminders I need of how wonderful my life is. Just those and my faith.

I may be in a rut right now, but I am thankful.