things you’ll find on this blog

Hitting reset for the ump-teenth time.

Here’s what you’ll find on my little corner of the internet:

  • lists. Because they’re short, sweet, easy to read, and I’ve spent my whole life writing them. Why change what I know best.
  • things that work for me that might work for you. Blogs that tell you what to do are one of my biggest pet peeves (you know, all those “10 things you should try…” or “Stop doing this one thing” articles…blech). I want to share what works for me and you can decide for yourself whether to try it or not.
  • (very) amateur photography. I’m a work in progress, but I’m always learning.
  • budget friendly travel posts. Thanks to my frugal husband, we’ve become masters at affordable vacations.
  • words of wisdom. Because they really do help.
  • me trying new things…and probably failing a lot.
  • my many loves: beautiful spaces and my attempts to create them. banners and other crafts that i pore over. books that make me think. music that moves me. sporting events i get way too into. hikes and travel and clothes and everything.

And go.