The Brightside

Happy Monday after an exhausting weekend! We spent more than 10 hours driving on Saturday and Sunday, but on the bright side:

Spring is here! I’m learning that that doesn’t mean much here in sunny California, but it’s a pleasant thought nonetheless. Hello spring! 

The Brightside

Yes, it was very difficult to lose that hour of sleep, but here’s the bright side we always forget about:

The sun will be out later! No more driving home from work in the dark. And for that I say thank you, daylight savings time.

The Brightside

Happy (gloomy) Monday! It was a rainy yet productive weekend, and while it was a little difficult to get up this morning, here’s my bright side:

I get to come home to a fully furnished home and my husband! Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference.

Simplifying My Life


I’m currently on a huge closet overhaul/attempt to become a minimalist due to the following factors:

  1. Reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last year. It’s been all over every blog/Instagram post, but the gist of what I learned? Keep only what you love. And yes, it really is life-changing.
  2. Discovering capsule wardrobes via The EveryGirl. Another blog hit of 2015, capsule wardrobes involve paring down your wardrobe to a set number of mix and match items every few months or so. I was drawn to the concept since I suffer deeply from decision overload.
  3. Necessity. Moving across the country with only the things I could fit in my Jetta has forced me to purge just a wee bit.
  4. Giving up shopping for clothes. After a wedding/honeymoon and busy traveling schedule all last year and a big move to kick off 2016 (all which were 110% worth it), money has been tight. I’m opting to not buy any new clothes for 2016 and so far, it has been pretty effortless. As an incentive (if I make it through this) I’ll buy myself a shiny new laptop for Christmas. Challenge accepted.

I’ll admit, it has been a long and pretty painful process so far. After a trip to Plato’s Closet and countless bags of donations, my closet could still use some work (as seen above). I’ll get there. More to come on this journey and my second attempt at a capsule wardrobe.

Favorite Finds

Soo, I realize it’s Monday and the weekend is over, but I still wanted to share some things I found last week. We’ve had a crazy past few days apartment hunting and spending time with family. We’re back to Chicago today and ready for more moving madness.



Originally written on January 29, 2016.

There are very few moments in my life where I really stopped to think about the meaning of a word. Today is one of them. Bittersweet — a word I love and hate at the same time, just like it’s meant to be.

Today was my last day with a company I’ve grown with and grown to love. It will always be my first, my home, and my beginning. I picture myself looking back at these times fondly in the future, thinking “this is where it all began…” (I often think of myself as an old lady looking back…it puts things into perspective).

In the near future though, I see myself as an adventurer. In the next couple of weeks, we will be making our way across the country for me to pursue a new job. With a new company. In a new state. Whoa.

I also legally changed my name earlier this week so I am in massive life change overload. I don’t know what having an identity crisis is like, but I think I might be close.

So that’s what’s coming up. BIG THINGS. And I’ll be sharing it all on here.

Life is exciting.

And in this box…

I found a box of memories. It was one of many, but this was different. It was everything I’d written and somehow felt the need to save. It was my heart and soul on scribbled sheets of paper; my mind typed up in graded reports that reminded me how much I have learned. And it was freeing to see and more than anything, freeing to feel.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in intention — to do things for a purpose or for an audience because that’s what you’re supposed to do. But there are times when you need to just be and just do — just because. I used to write and I used to love it. And I don’t want to be able to say “used to” anymore.

So, here’s to every box of memories waiting to be filled.

The Brightside

Well, hello there new week. We had an exhausting weekend mini road tripping to Cleveland (more to come on that!) so this morning was a rough one, but here’s the bright side:

No snow and above freezing temps! That’s really all you can ask for from a Midwest January. Hoping everyone on the east coast stayed safe and warm during Jonas!

21 Day Challenge: Phone Down

So I realized I haven’t done an update on this challenge I started. The reason? I failed. Miserably. I think I spent almost 8 hours on my phone one day…yikes. So you know what I did? I deleted the Moment app from my phone. 

I stopped tracking my phone usage and stopped the challenge. I moved all social media apps to the hidden part of my phone and took a moment to just think about how seeing the amount of time I spent on my phone made me feel. Hint: not good.

So the challenge may be over, but my phone will be down. I’m still learning to be present, but I think awareness is the first step.