podcasts to binge

Back in the days when I had a painful commute down 90 in Chicago and sat in agony in bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis, podcasts may have saved my life. Here are some worth listening to from beginning to end:

1. Serial – Season 1
Like many others, this is how I entered the world of podcasts. I heard good things so I gave it a try and it was worth it. For those who still don’t know, it’s a murder investigation based on a case of young girl murdered more than 15 years ago.

2. Missing Richard Simmons
I just finished this one and Richard Simmons is so so so fascinating to me now. He’s on my list of people/places/things to Google incessantly until I have an unhealthy amount of knowledge on the subject. I’m a fan.

3. S-Town
So I gave in to this new podcast simply because they were very obviously marketing towards fans of Serial. I’ll admit I fell asleep through a portion of it — partly because I was trying to listen on a red eye flight and a little because I couldn’t seem to get totally into it. Overall though, it’s a beautifully told yet devastating story about a very interesting person.

4. Millenial – Season 1
This podcast was just so darn relatable when I first heard it that I couldn’t stop listening. It’s basically reading the mind of every 20-something out there trying to figure their life out.